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I am going to the driving range today

26 Feb

For the first time in over a year.  It’s not going to be pretty: if you’re at Chelsea Pier tonight and you see an English guy (me), keep your wits about you.  I have the unique ability to fire a golf ball in any one of 360 different directions with no warning whatsoever. It’s pretty special.  Don’t think you’ll be safe standing behind me, either. 

Update later.

Update:  That was excellent.  I wasn’t nearly as bad as  I expected (I really suck as a golfer, but have fun trying which is the main thing).  A few shocking shanks, but a few sweet shots too. Weird to be hitting balls onto a pier surrounded by water, very different to what I’m used to.

I’d forgotten how amazing it feels when you catch it perfectly.  Awesome.  Going back tomorrow, hehe 🙂


My Best 3 Days Golf Yet!!

7 Oct

Woohoo! What a stunning 72 hours.

Thursday before work, played nine with my boss at Mission Bay. WON!!! Played the second nine right after (lost). He’s very clearly much better than me, but it was really satisfying to be so consistent over nine holes.  I was worse over the second nine, but definitely much much improved.

Friday before work, played nine at Mission Bay again with Chuck and Dylan, and hit my first ever birdie!!! Wicked 22 foot putt from just off the green on the fifth. Almost beat Chuck, but the birdie meant I didn’t care: I’ve gotten close on a number of occasions before, but it was just brilliant to finally hit one!

Friday after work Cat and I had a lesson at the lighted driving range off Aero Drive. The guy gave me two brilliant tips, and I was absolutely crushing it with the driver. Just incredible… was like a different person. At one point I hit twenty or so absolutely identical drives, all 200+, all dead straight. Now all I need to do is transfer that to the course, and I’ll be sorted!

Saturday (today) played at Tecolote Canyon with John & Greg. It’s a really short course, but really rather challenging ‘cos it’s so narrow. You have very little room for error, and it’s dead easy to lose balls. My play was a bit erratic in places but I kept the blowup holes to a minimum and believe it or not I won! Shot 85, which is a really good round for me. Dead pleased.

45 holes in 72 hours. One birdie. Two victories. Hurrah!

More Balboa!

6 Sep

Nine before work again this morning with Dylan. Shot 50 (par 32). Did pretty well apart from two horrible holes (nine and seven shots a piece).

Bloody hard work though, so it is. Anything but easy this golf lark…

Shamed Into Blogging About Golf…

17 Aug

So my mate’s started a ‘I’m rubbish at golf’ blog, presumably frustrated at my own lack of blogging on the subject. His indirect prodding has therefore shamed me into finally getting back on topic, so here goes…

Played both days last weekend. Early morning saturday at Loma Santa Fe with Chuck. My best round ever, if you can believe it: shot 83 on a par 56. Doesn’t sound all that unless you know that two months ago I was happy breaking a hundred. Very very pleased indeed.

Of course I then had to ruin it by playing nine with the wife at Mission Bay on Sunday morning. First four holes were just terrible, but definitely improved after that. Had a chance for my ever first birdie on the seventh, but the dodgy greens snatched it from me. Cat played great throughout, particularly given that she hadn’t been out in a couple of months. Most impressed.

Anyhow, the upshot is that I feel much refreshed after my month or so off. I’d gotten to the point where my crapness at golf was making me unhappy, so my newfound zen approach is vey welcome. Seems to be working pretty well so far.

First Ever Round at Night

8 Jun

So I played (18) with Chuck after work last night, at San Diego’s only nighttime course, Mission Bay. It’s floodlight and that, which is cool but odd. I remember reading about Japanese night golfers as a lad and thinking they were absolutely insane. Now I’m one of them. Anyhow, played last night, shot 96 (50/46) on a par 58. Anything under a hundred I’m pleased with. Chuck shot 80 (38/42), which is somewhat better. He’s played before though, the cheater.

We played with these two lads who epitomise Mission Bay golf: can of lager every few holes, smoking all the way through, effing and blinding like how’s yer father. And really rather good. One guy (the chap with the lovingly cultivated beer gut) sunk an incredible chip from about sixty yards out. Really very impressive indeed, and thoroughly nice chaps.

It’s all good though, and I don’t hate golf anymore. For now.

Right, so!

6 Jun

It turns out that golf is really very hard. I’m learning to play see, so I know.

Like *really* bleeping hard. I’ve been playing every few days for two whole months now, and I still suck balls.