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Today, Adobe did a very smart thing

15 Sep

They bought Omniture, the leading Web analytics solution.

I’ve worked with the guys in Orem, where Omniture is headquartered, a good bit over years: great bunch, with a really smart and switched on leader in Josh, impeccable business ethics and an absolutley kick ass product.  Was always a joy to work with them, and I love the way Josh runs his business.  The fact that their solution was head and shoulders above the competition didn’t hurt either, although the Google product beats them on price (it’s free).

I happened to be there when Omniture announced they were in the black a few years ago, when employees came in to find thousands and thousands of black balloons covering every inch of the office, four  foot deep. It was quite the trip: felt like a little slice of Silicon Valley, in deepest Utah.

Their dedication to their customers and their product has always stood out to me, and they’ve innovated throughout the years and done more for the  analytics arena (and I would argue as a result, strategy) than anyone I can think of. Stoked for the guys out there, stoked for Omniture, and super excited for the possibilities that the Adobe aquisition will bring.  Measurement is the holy grail: understand what your users are doing, and you can give them more of what they want, when they want it.  Being in a position to deliver both the content experience  (ads, flash, video etc) AND detailed info on user behavior within those experiences gives Adobe a real edge.

Congrats guys. Both of you.