First Ever Round at Night

8 Jun

So I played (18) with Chuck after work last night, at San Diego’s only nighttime course, Mission Bay. It’s floodlight and that, which is cool but odd. I remember reading about Japanese night golfers as a lad and thinking they were absolutely insane. Now I’m one of them. Anyhow, played last night, shot 96 (50/46) on a par 58. Anything under a hundred I’m pleased with. Chuck shot 80 (38/42), which is somewhat better. He’s played before though, the cheater.

We played with these two lads who epitomise Mission Bay golf: can of lager every few holes, smoking all the way through, effing and blinding like how’s yer father. And really rather good. One guy (the chap with the lovingly cultivated beer gut) sunk an incredible chip from about sixty yards out. Really very impressive indeed, and thoroughly nice chaps.

It’s all good though, and I don’t hate golf anymore. For now.


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  1. Golf is Hard (to blog about during the World Cup) » Shamed Into Blogging About Golf… - August 18, 2006

    […] Played both days last weekend. Early morning saturday at Loma Santa Fe with Chuck. My best round ever, if you can believe it: shot 83 on a par 56. Doesn’t sound all that unless you know that two months ago I was happy breaking a hundred. Very very pleased indeed. […]

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