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Belize Manatee Surfacing For Air!

29 Aug

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One of the best experiences of my life: snorkeling around the reef a few miles from San Pedro, only to run into a group of five manatees. Absolutely stunning creatures. Four eyed us suspicously, then scarpered a little further away, but this fella (the oldest of the bunch) sized us up, reckoned we were no threat, and went back to the job at hand of resting (and occasionally coming up for air). A couple of minutes later one of the others came swimming back and nudged him, to warn him about us, but he really wasn’t bothered.

Definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done. Incredible to see such massive gentle creatures at such close quarters.

Here’s the second set of Belize shots, from which this one is taken. These are mostly taken underwater, on crappy disposable underwater cameras.


Weather Held Up Then!

27 Aug

Just got back from our week in Belize. Had a super, super time. Great weather, loads of diving (I’m approaching 20 now!), and a much needed break from the cell and email.

Proper writeup on the way, complete with photos of course. Many, many photos!

Update: Here’s the first batch of photos:

More to follow 🙂

Rain Here We Come!!!

19 Aug

Vacation in the morning. Yay!!! It’s 12.43 and the taxi is picking us up at 5am. Aces!!!

The hotel we’re staying at assured me that when it rains in Belize City, it’s usually nice and sunny on the island (La Isla Bonita that Madonna sang about, fact fans).  I don’t believe them, so I’m packing the raincoat and wellies.
Either way, get ready for some serious tedious vacation-photo overload when we get back. Oh yes.

Shamed Into Blogging About Golf…

17 Aug

So my mate’s started a ‘I’m rubbish at golf’ blog, presumably frustrated at my own lack of blogging on the subject. His indirect prodding has therefore shamed me into finally getting back on topic, so here goes…

Played both days last weekend. Early morning saturday at Loma Santa Fe with Chuck. My best round ever, if you can believe it: shot 83 on a par 56. Doesn’t sound all that unless you know that two months ago I was happy breaking a hundred. Very very pleased indeed.

Of course I then had to ruin it by playing nine with the wife at Mission Bay on Sunday morning. First four holes were just terrible, but definitely improved after that. Had a chance for my ever first birdie on the seventh, but the dodgy greens snatched it from me. Cat played great throughout, particularly given that she hadn’t been out in a couple of months. Most impressed.

Anyhow, the upshot is that I feel much refreshed after my month or so off. I’d gotten to the point where my crapness at golf was making me unhappy, so my newfound zen approach is vey welcome. Seems to be working pretty well so far.

Hargreaves for 13 million?

17 Aug

Christ. Well, he’s decent enough, and if the lad pulls the shirt on I’ll give him a chance, but 30 million quid for Carrick and Hargreaves is ludicrous.

Online Dating for Monkeys

15 Aug

No need for a punchline there then.

Rain, Rain and more Rain.

13 Aug

Going on vacation in a week. Hurrah. Into a tropical storm. Arse.

We’re going to pioneer the raincoat-and-many-book-vacation. You watch, it’ll be the next big thing.