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Cute Shot

30 Nov

Aww, bless.


Dogpark Fun!

28 Nov

We took Tubbs to the dog park for the first time on Sunday.   Needless to say we were a little apprehensive after his initial interactions with the family dog (though he was much better over thanksgiving).  He was a model dog park citizen though: loads of other un-leashed dogs came up a sniffin’, and he was good as gold.  Not one sign of aggression from him: super friendly, tail wagging all the way.

Very pleasing!

More Dog Pics

22 Nov

Available on Flickr:


Gears of War – Xbox 360

12 Nov

Notable for two reasons:

1) It’s only the second real system seller on the 360. That’s pretty lame in 12 months.

2) More interestingly it has a rather ground-breaking commercial, airing at the moment. Very adult, nothing but game footage to some melancholic REM Michael Andrews*. I’ve certainly not seen anything like it before. Gaming has definitely grown up, but it’s still interesting to see such a dark and innovative commercial getting national airtime.

* Thanks Dan.

Having a dog is BRILLIANT!

5 Nov

I’ve wanted a dog all my life, but it’s taken me 32 years to get one. Being brought up in central London meant it just wasn’t realistic, and for various reasons I’ve not since.

Tubbs is absolutley ace though: it’s amazing how quickly we’ve adapted to having him. Walks morning and night, care taken to not leave unattended food at dog level, regular trips to Petco for all things dog, at least one plastic bag used a day. He’s a brilliant little thing (ok, not so little at 70 pounds!) with his own unique personality quirks. So much fun!

More photos to come!