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Secret Bloody Santa

13 Dec

Secret Santa this week.  Fine.  ‘cept I have to make something also.  Not fine.  Something *personal*.

Ideas please.  Quick.


Wii update, Dog update…

10 Dec

Been the proud owner of the Wii for almost a week now, and I’m very much a fan. It’s a huge step forward in gaming…. much more so than the 360 or the Playstation 3, if you ask me. Fancy technology is all well and good, but the Wii is simply a great idea very well executed. Had friends over last night for wii fun, and everyone loved it. Bowling, golf, baseball and boxing were the big hits. Especially bowling. I need to get hold of a copy of Wii Play though: if anyone has a spare, let me know.

In dog news…. he’s still ace. Oh yes. Took him for a ginormous romp this morning: out for an hour and a half or so. We played slow-fetch in the park for half an hour, then headed down to the dog park. He’s so much better with other dogs now, he really is. I think it’s going to be a long road though: he had a bit of a relapse with this one dog, but he’s generally able to mingle with them now which is good. Makes sense that if he’s never been exposed to other dogs he wouldn’t know how to act around them. Will just take time, that’s all. Took him out in the rain for the first time tonight too, that was fun.


3 Dec

Got up before six am this morning to stand outside in the cold for three and half hours, but…. I got my wii. First impressions are excellent: the control system is superb, although it might be a bit too involved for extended play, all the time. Tis super good though, I’m very impressed.

The dog does not like it though: every time I bowl, for instance, he thinks he’s being thrown something. It’s dead cute, but a little sad also. I just caught him really hard in the head: he jumped up as I was bowling.  Poor thing.