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I Like Delicious, But…

13 Apr

There’s the ever present over-tagging problem:

Too many.  Way too many.


I don’t do Yoga

3 Apr

I fart enough as it is, thanks. But this I am interested in:

BELLEVUE, Washington (AP) — By the end of a recent yoga class, many participants were passed out on their mats, in a position their instructor calls the “upward facing belly pose.”

That’s largely because about half the group was about to walk out on four legs: The Seattle/King County Humane Society in Washington now offers 40 minute classes of “doggie yoga.”

Brenda Bryan, who teaches human yoga as well as the new class for both dogs and humans, says the dogs react to the gentle energy in the room.”

Doggie Yoga!

Despite the fact that the dog looks like he’s just having a little lie down, under the tattoed person, it’s still very very cute.  I love how he’s peering at the camera!