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Great Brightkite Search Result

27 Jun

I searched for ‘a really shit place’ in NY on Brightkite (I’m in a bad mood). Here’s what it returned (click image for bigger version).

Lawl. Cheered me up no end. Well, about 5%.


Holland: Not Quite as good at football as I thought

22 Jun

Well, that sucked yesterday.  Holland just completely outplayed by the barnstorming Russians.  At least they lost to a team that played lovely fluid attacking football, would have doubly sucked for them to lose to a bunch of bodgers who stuck 10 men behind the ball at all times and hoped for a corner or free kick (a la Greece).  But they still lost, which is ass.

Spain is my only hope now.  Hope they manage to do the business against the Italians today, but given my record so far I’m not too optimistic.

Tiger Woods

15 Jun

Good at golf.

The end.


14 Jun

Good at football.

The end. Sent me a Father’s Day Reminder Today. Problem: My Father is Dead.

12 Jun

Way to go Geni. You’d think that given that the whole point of the site is to log my family tree, and the fact that my father is clearly listed as deceased in that family tree, maybe it wouldn’t be a great idea to send me a father’s day reminder?

At least they say ‘send a father’s day greeting to any dad in your tree’, but come on. What a bunch of jokers.

sensitive email from

Life = Brilliant

12 Jun

A high-profile US obscenity trial has been put on hold after it emerged that the top federal judge hearing it had posted sexually explicit material on his personal website including footage of a semi-naked man cavorting with a sexually aroused farm animal.

Other material found on Judge Alex Kozinski’s site, which has now been blocked, included a photograph of nude women on all fours painted to look like cows and another of a young man giving himself fellatio.

Dutch Highlights. Watch the Second Goal and drool.

11 Jun

Starts 40 seconds in if you’re impatient. One of the best goals you’ll ever see. As a result I have decided to be Dutch through the end of the month. Oh yes.

This is one of my favorite goals ever. Brilliant stuff. Goal line clearance, five passes to the other end… goal. Ole. Like I said, I’m Dutch through the end of June.

Sorry about the cluster of a site: embedded video is on the right hand side down a bit.