Archive | March, 2007

Lots of Spam Getting Through to Gmail Lately

28 Mar

Seem to be getting a hell of a lot more spam on Gmail lately – anyone else?

Their filter is normally very good at routing it straight to the spam folder, but i’ve been getting five or six pieces a day in my inbox the last couple of weeks.  It’s like 1999 all over again.


Worst Walkies Ever!

15 Mar

Poor Tubbs: he was so excited when I got home, bounding around as ever.  All keen to come out with me, jumped into the car…. super full of beans.  Only for me to take him to his first obedience class, down at Balboa Zoo car park.  Poor little guy did nothing but about turn, heels, about turn, heel, about turn… for a full hour.  Worst walk ever, poor little guy.

He did real well though, no incidents (despite the trainer telling everyone else to keep away from him!), though he seemed a bit despondent when he realized that was the extent of his walk.  Will be v good for him though, I’m sure.

Clever Non-Profit Warcraft Movie

14 Mar

Great way to raise awareness, love it:

Update: The Warcraft Experiment

5 Mar

So it turns out the people who told me I was making a mistake by playing WoW were absolutey right.

Oh dear.