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Sleeveface: Genius

13 Feb
“one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion”
Absolutely brilliant. Combine an album cover with your face and/or body to make something good. Take a picture and post it on the internet for the world to see. Genius. If you don’t like this you’re just wrong. It’s what the internet is for.

Yahoo To Turn Down M$ Offer

11 Feb

According to reports.

Gotta admire the cojones there, though not exactly unexpected. Yahoo is going down the tubes: getting soundly thumped in pretty much every department, but they’re holding out for more. Need to squeeze as much as possible out for their shareholders of course, but you’d think 61% over would work.

I would be rather surprised if this doesn’t happen one way or another. Combining forces gives MS & Yahoo a fighting chance to unseat or at least compete with Google. On their own neither has been able to make much of an impact.  Google’s given both a proper spanking, basically.

Smart move from MS imo, Google can’t be happy. Microsoft aren’t always the quickest to innovate, but they’re the best in the business at catching up. Will be fun to watch what happens.

Giants Win Superbowl, Shock

4 Feb

Damn, that was unexpected. Though after three quarters of absolute dross you started to think it may be their day. Brady was awful, the Pats D looked old and Tired, and the Giants D absolutely ripped it up. They should have got the MVP, not Manning. His final drive was great, but he had an awful lot of help. No question in my mind that the Giants D should have been recognized after the game.

Congrats NY Giants. Stunning 4th quarter.

Pats 19-0