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Freeway Morons

25 Jul

Other half had a bit of a scare on Sunday: rear offside blowout. Lots of skidding, but thankfully managed to come to a safe stop.

I arrived about 20 minutes later to help and there was a mini van pulling up behind her. That’s nice, think I. Somebody’s stopping to help. Faith in humanity restored, etc. Only they’re stopping to ask for directions. They’re asking my wife, whose very clearly non functional car is parked on the north bound side of the 805 Freeway, for directions. It’s 95 degrees and there are trucks going by at 65 miles an hour about two feet away. And they’re asking her for directions.

What is wrong with people?


I’m Gay For Johnny Depp

22 Jul

Just watched Pirates again. Without him, it’s an decent enough hack and slash thing. With him, it’s thoroughly charming, funny and quite brilliant. The second movie is fun too, but Curse of the Black Pearl is the real gem.

What I find especially endearing about Depp is that he could so easily have taken the Tom Cruise career route by going down Main Street. Instead he’s worked his own path, and the funny thing is that when he finally sells out and goes all Disney, he does it by playing the very un-Hollywood Captain Jack Sparrow, getting nominated for a bloody Oscar and pulling in a gazillion dollars in the process.

Absolute class so he is, he’s brilliant.

Myspace Is Rubbish

18 Jul

But it’s overtaken yahoo as the #1 site.

Bloody hell. Yahoo’s been #1 forever. And myspace is just so…. shit.

I am old.

Italy Match Fixing Trial: Three Relegated

15 Jul

Juventus were last night dealt the most crushing blow in the club’s illustrious history when a sporting tribunal set up by the Italian federation to decide on claims of match-fixing ordered the club be relegated to Serie B and forced to start next season with a 30-point deduction. It is unlikely they will play in the Champions League before at least 2009.

The worst corruption trial in the history of football? No question. Absolutely stunning.

2010 (South Africa) World Cup In Trouble?

12 Jul

Interesting and worrying article in the Guardian today:

“Fifa executives have voiced “serious” doubts about whether South Africa will be able to host the next World Cup in 2010 and have discussed a radical contingency plan that would see the United States stage the tournament instead, it was reported in Germany yesterday.”

Though I’d be sad to see South Africa lose it, I have to say I have my doubts about their ability to put it together. US seems the most likely to be able to host at such short notice. Also I live here now, so that would suit me down to the ground.  Any chance of having the Euros over  here too? 😉

Zidane Goes Mental, Italy Wins!

9 Jul

Bloody hell, what a finish.

Invisible for most of the game, Zidane crowns it with one of the most extraordinary moments a World Cup final has ever seen. Not unprecedented from him, but astonishing nonetheless. France looked to be in control, and he goes mental. Some power behind that headbutt, too. Kapow!

Fair play to Italy, proper test of nerves at the end with their penalty record, but they passed with flying colors. Gattuso was absolutely immense today, surprised he didn’t get MoM consideration: he was everywhere. Another one I’d love at United… perfect replacement for Roy Keane.

Nice to see Henry pick up his loser’s medal, too. Well deserved, a real runner’s up performance from him again today 🙂

This pic says it all, really:

Cheers for the memories Zizou. Truly one of the great players, but also a bit mental at times. Bit of a rubbish way to bow out, eh? Time to reconsider your retirement (again)?

10 Men Behind the Ball at All Times?

9 Jul

The showpiece kicks off in a little over half an hour… 32 teams whittled down to these two. So many questions…. will Henry turn it on? Will he swandive his way to a WC medal? How negative will the Italians be? Will there be a load of cards?  A sending off?

I’m hopeful the Italians play like they did against Germany, but my fear is they’ll put 10 behind the ball and try and smother the French.
I’m thinking 0-0 here, with the Italians taking it on Penalties.  Either way am expecting a real defensive battle.