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iPhone Google Earth Project

28 May

technology is cool.  the end.


Flight Of The Conchords

28 May

WIN. Pure and simple.

kaimac on Brightkite

19 May


I’m liking it a lot, really interesting. Want a login to fire eagle to see how the two link up, but no such luck. Anyone out there help me?

Anyone want to be my brightkite friend? I’m lonely out there.

Travel Sucks

16 May

Well, coast to coast relentless travel every couple of weeks does.  Tired, grumpy and fed up of dealing with the TSA.

In other news, that Lacy girl has written a book about how the internet is good or something.  She gets a lot of shit (too much:  sexist shit imo), but that Zuckenberg interview really was pretty shocking.  Book will doubtless unearth countless secrets about life in Silicon Valley.  Or not, who knows.