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Confusing Comscore QR Code Study

15 Aug

Last week comscore released a study that claimed that ’14 million Americans used a QR code in June 2011′.

14 million? In one month?

That’s over 5% of the adult population… I just don’t buy it, sorry. I would raise an eyebrow if you told me that 5% of my (very tech focused) friends and colleagues had used a QR code in June, let alone the general population.

I tweeted my doubt this morning, and @comscore responded that the study includes bar codes. I’m not really sure what that means. Either way, it’s confusing: the headline very clearly says QR codes, and that’s certainly how it’s being reported.

Regardless… though I see lots of potential for QR codes, the fact of the matter is we’re using them them wrong: using a QR code to simply link to your site is dull, and a classic example of deploying technology for its own sake. QR codes on underground subway billboards? OK then…

I don’t believe that it’s a dead technology by any means, but I think that for them to succeed I would like to see more smart digital application and less people claiming extraordinary success. Or if you are going to claim that success, I want to see some evidence.

UPDATE 3.30pm, 8/15: so this is weird. The original release from Comscore used the language ‘QR and bar codes’, but Comscore dropped the ‘bar codes’ bit. Strange.

Check out the original:

And here’s the release on Comscore’s site:

Strange, no?


Realtor Speak

5 Aug

I’m looking for a new apartment here in NYC. It sucks, bigtime… I’d forgotten quite how crappy it is wading through all the BS listings trying to sort the wheat from the chaff. The language people use in their ads is really quite telling though….

  • Spacious = Not spacious
  • Cozy = Tiny
  • Converted 2 bed = 1 bed
  • Small 1 bed = converted studio
  • Quiet neighborhood = not noisy all the time
  • Remodeled = recently gutted
  • Special = I can’t shift this shithole
  • Great deal = i can’t shift this shithole
  • Won’t last= i can’t shift this shithole
  • Fits Queen size bed = bedroom exactly the size of a queen size bed

The lying that goes on by realtors on craigs list is pretty shocking.

Also, it appears that the entirety of East Harlem is on the market right now.