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CNN, Stephen Fry, Britney… Twitter has landed (in case you hadn’t noticed)

22 Oct

Twitter is everywhere nowadays.  CNN anchors advertise their twitter accounts live on air and interact with their viewers, Stephen Fry is twittering his way around Africa, and even lil old Britney has got in on the act. It has well and truly landed.  Pretty amazing that in just two years it’s gone from an oddity that most people didn’t really get, to almost an institution.

I’ll write more about what people are doing with Twitter over coming weeks.  In the meantime, here’s a snapshow of following/followers for each of the above:

ricksanchezcnn:  following 17910  followers 27323

stephenfry: following 10096 followers 10140

therealbritney: following 1561 followers 5374

What does the above tell you?  That Stephen Fry really gets it.  He should be CTO of the world, obviously.  And that Britney needs to show her fans some love.  And that loads of people watch CNN.


Pottery Barn Is Evil

7 Oct

I mean really, really evil.