My Best 3 Days Golf Yet!!

7 Oct

Woohoo! What a stunning 72 hours.

Thursday before work, played nine with my boss at Mission Bay. WON!!! Played the second nine right after (lost). He’s very clearly much better than me, but it was really satisfying to be so consistent over nine holes.  I was worse over the second nine, but definitely much much improved.

Friday before work, played nine at Mission Bay again with Chuck and Dylan, and hit my first ever birdie!!! Wicked 22 foot putt from just off the green on the fifth. Almost beat Chuck, but the birdie meant I didn’t care: I’ve gotten close on a number of occasions before, but it was just brilliant to finally hit one!

Friday after work Cat and I had a lesson at the lighted driving range off Aero Drive. The guy gave me two brilliant tips, and I was absolutely crushing it with the driver. Just incredible… was like a different person. At one point I hit twenty or so absolutely identical drives, all 200+, all dead straight. Now all I need to do is transfer that to the course, and I’ll be sorted!

Saturday (today) played at Tecolote Canyon with John & Greg. It’s a really short course, but really rather challenging ‘cos it’s so narrow. You have very little room for error, and it’s dead easy to lose balls. My play was a bit erratic in places but I kept the blowup holes to a minimum and believe it or not I won! Shot 85, which is a really good round for me. Dead pleased.

45 holes in 72 hours. One birdie. Two victories. Hurrah!


One Response to “My Best 3 Days Golf Yet!!”

  1. Marc Sirkin October 8, 2006 at 2:15 pm #

    The joy of San Diego! I bought a new bag, I’ll see tomorrow if it helps my game 🙂

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