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Three Shit Walk

31 Oct

I’m speechless.


Things I have learnt today

30 Oct

1) Me coming home is the happiest moment of my dog’s day. It’s ace!

2) When walking the dog, one plastic bag is not always enough. Today was my first two-shit walk.

3) White sofas and slobbery dogs are not a good combination.

4) If you leave food out, even for a minute, the dog will get to it. I left my lunchtime sandwich on the edge of the sofa for a couple of minutes after getting back from work. Next time I looked there’s a shredded box and a load of salad where the sandwich used to be! And one guilty looking dog.

5) Despite his failings (smelly, slobbery, messy) Tubbs really is extraordinarily cute.


28 Oct

So it turns out our dog *really* doesn’t like other dogs. Sweet as you like with humans (a three year old played with him today), but he’s very aggressive around other dogs. Today he went for one of the family dogs. In fairness to him he was outnumbered, and we introduced them on non-neutral turf, which probably wasn’t wise. The others don’t really get socialized much (if at all), either, so they’re not very good with other dogs either.

Next time we’d take them for a walk together first, I think. I’m still hopeful he’ll be ok with others, we just need to do it right. Part of the problem is that he’s so big and strong, even a little aggression really stands out.

Deepest Darkest Utah!

26 Oct

I’ve spent this week in Provo, Utah, with the guys from Omniture. Very, very impressive setup and we happened to be there the day they did their Q3 earnings call. All good news, so many happy faces around. The town itself is small, and has a very high Mormon population: there seems to be a chapel every couple of blocks. Everyone is very polite and there’s not much boozing.

The product is extremely impressive, and they look to have a real solid, long term plan. Clients are joining in droves, so they obviously agree. I’m optimistic that our relationship with them is going to be a good one: they seem like they’ll be pretty straightforward to work with. Don’t seem like the BSing sort…

Had dinner in a super cool restaurant in Sundance, the little town that gave the film festival its name. Stunningly beautiful: so much so that Robert Redford bought a load of the surrounding land to prevent further development.

Looks like we have a dog then!!!

21 Oct

Went to see a three year old Bulldog at the resuce shelter today, and  somehow ended up bringing him home with us! He’s called Tubbs, and is dead dead sweet. He ended up at an adoption place because his previous owners’ child prodded his badly infected ear and he reacted by snapping/nipping at it. Seems harsh to judge him on that: you shouldn’t mess with a sick animal.

He’s very very slobbery, snores like a good ‘un, has terrible wind, and has this little possession problem about his toys: you’re not going to get them off him, so don’t even try.

Only day one, but so far we seem to be getting on. His snoring might be a problem though: it was drowning out the surround sound at times tonight….

Some pics, more to follow:




Open Book Accounting

13 Oct

Good chat with a colleague tonight. One of the topics was open book accounting, which I’m very much a fan of. I feel that a) company financials should be open to all employees, and b) all salaries should similarly be open to everyone.

Basically, everyone in the company should know everything about the fiscals, and exactly what everyone else earns. My thinking is if the people you’ve hired are worth it, they have nothing to fear from having other know what they earn. It’s a completely democratic way of doing business. I’ve never liked the secrecy around salaries. If we remove the ‘salary negotiation’ skill we’re left with ‘worth’, basically.

It’s a radical approach, but I’m convinced it’s the right one.

Search: The Industry Evolves

10 Oct

Went to a user conference today, for clients and partners of these guys.

Some really interesting folks from Yahoo, MSN & Google there. The industry is evolving so quickly, but one thing that’s clear is that search is an incredibly important part of it. A good percentage of users now use search as navigation… it’s going to be really interesting to see the new developments.

It’s all about bums on seats, right?