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The Movie List (Requested Reviews)

20 Dec

Having a ton of fun with this, loads of messages and twitter DMs, thanks folks.  Need to keep track of what’s been requested tho, so here’s the list:

Theatre Movies:

Four Christmasses (@rachelakay) Review here.
The Day The Earth Stood Still ( @latimesfood) review here.
Slumlord Millionaire (@FrankFusion & @scorpiondethray) review here.
Milk (@touchedarling) review here.
Twilight (@beate73
The Wrestler (@obamafoodorama) review here.
Curious Case of Benjamin Button (@obamafoodorama) review here.
Waltz with Bashir (@scorpiondethray) review here.
The Class (Me)
Seven Pounds (Me)
Last Change Harvey (Me) review here. 
Revolutionary Road (Me) review here.


DVD Movies:

Monster Camp (@msirkin)
When Harry Met Sally (@cboman)
Annie Hall (@cboman
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (@ViewFromHeaven
Dark Knight (@FrankFusion)
The Duchess (@FrankFusion
Troy (@stephtea1


Am going to try to get one theater movie in every day through the holidays, and DVD movies in when I can fit them in.

My two netflix queues (DVD and instant) are in the sidebars to the right, so you can see that I really am watching the movies.

Keep the requests coming 🙂


Announcing: KaiMovieReviews

20 Dec

I stopped reading movie reviews about ten years ago. Actually, that’s not quite true: I stopped reading movie reviews *before* going to see the movie. I was tired of bloated self-serving movie critics banging on and on, desperately trying to get that killer quote to appear on the poster to raise their profile.

So, I’m trying a little experiment: movie reviews on Twitter. No more than 140 characters, hopefully with one or two killer quotes thrown in for good measure.

Currently on my list to see in the next couple of weeks: Bond, Milk, Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler, The Class, Seven Pounds (look, I like Will Smith, ok?), Marley & Me, Four Christmasses, Revolutionary Road.

Any others you’d like to see get the 140 character treatment, new or old? Happy to take requests, just let me know.

Shaq on Twitter, a Couple of Weeks in…

2 Dec

Shaq.  The Real Shaq.  He’s all over it, twittering before games, after games, at practice.  Talking about trying to get Steve Nash on board, talking about how his little boy is a better free throw shooter than he is.  Been following him for a little while:  am 100% convinced its him rather than his publicist (unlike Britney, for instance), and the best bit is his tweets are super entertaining.  The big man gets it.  Respect.

Follow him: