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CBS Acquires – Why?

31 May

Strange acquisition today by CBS: they bought one of my favorite sites, – it’s a great site, really nice community stuff going on, nice smooth interface, and above all it delivers . Fact is you will find music you like if you join community, and unlike a lot of other 2.0 sites you don’t need to do actively participate to benefit: sign up, download a small plugin for itunes (or whatever player you use), and it automatically tracks the music you listen to then recommends artists based on the collective community intelligence. The beauty of it is you can be as active or passive as you want to be, and still participate and benefit. Here’s my profile:

Obviously enough the first thing that’s clear from this is that I have very good taste in music. Other than that, I just don’t really see the value for CBS. Old media scrambling to get on board the 2.0 bus? I guess there’s a link with their radio business, but I still don’t really see the value. Different audiences, different format, different world. Two independent businesses, as I see it: the game has just changed so much over the last few years. I don’t see sites like competing with traditional radio any more than any other web property does. Behavior is changing.

Now if AOL or one of the big labels had bought them that would be entirely different. This one is hot of the heels of the Wallstrip acquisition which I didn’t really understand either.

All fun and games, as a colleague of mine would say.


Tennis Or Golf?

29 May

Played tennis tonight for the first time in a couple of years…  enjoyed it *so* much more than the last couple of times I’ve played golf, even though I sucked almost as badly.

Figure you’re either a tennis guy or a golf guy…   can you be both?