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CBC Introduction to Second Life

20 Aug

This is pretty interesting: great intro to the SL world for those not familiar.


Living To Work, Or Working To Live? –

17 Aug

As the baby boomers begin to retire, companies and workers alike are dealing with the consequences. 70 is the new 50, apparently! Companies are convincing their older employees to hang around and impart knowledge. Interesting article and interview.

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The Onion is the best thing ever

13 Aug

SAN FRANCISCO—A sellout crowd rose to its feet and exploded into ecstatic cheers Tuesday night as Barry Bonds completed the downfall of America’s most revered sport by hitting a thundering 435-foot shot into the right center field bleachers for career home run No. 756 and tainting baseball’s most beloved record.
Destruction Of National Pastime Given Two-Minute Standing Ovation

Manchester United 0, Reading 0: Held At Home on Opener

12 Aug

Fair play to Reading: game plan was to come away with a point, and that’s exactly what they did. United ridiculous number of shots on goal, great defending… Rooney going off injured. All combined for a cracking result for them. Can’t argue with their tactics, as Coppell himself said after the game:

I‘d have loved to have gone 4-4-2 and seen what happened but we’d have got hammered.

Can’t really argue with that. Of course we should have won that game handily, but one game into the season is a little early to be sounding the death knell. I’m convinced we’re going to score an absolute shitload this year and I honestly feel this is our best chance to land the Champion’s League in years. Nani, Anderson, Rooney, Scholes, Giggs, Saha, Ronaldo = a bucketload of goals. Just the right combination of youth and experience.

Manchester United: 2008 Champion’s League Winners.

Barry Hits The Big One: 756 Home Runs!

8 Aug

Everyone knew it was coming, and… what a surprise: he hit it at home. Didn’t make a splash, but I guess they’re not all going to make it over. Fair play to the Nationals for having the guts to pitch to him, I don’t know if I’d have been so brave… men on base or not.

Love that the guy who caught it was a mets fan: seems fitting for such a fake record for a fake giants fan to catch it. Game of Shadows is well worth a read, if you’ve not already done so. It’s sad, but baseball is more to blame than the players: tougher action needed earlier. If you’re a HR guy and every other HR guy around you is juiced for an extra 20 feet… what would you do? Their fly-balls go out of the park, whilst yours are easy warning track outs. Lots of people love to preach about drugs in sport, but the reality (as with most things) is a lot more complex.

Another interesting storyline here is this remarkable coincidence. What are the chances? Not being reported much given the 756 crazyness right now, but I’d expect this to become more of a story over the coming days.

Anyhow, I don’t like Bonds much anymore. Not because of the drugs, but because he’s let his perceived status as a ball-player take over everything around him. His absolute lack of humility is simply not very attractive. Compare him to Hammerin’ Hank, for instance. Bonds gets booed for being a drug cheat, Hank got bullets in the mail for being a black man who dared to approach the Babe. Or even modern day guys like A-Rod (for whom Bonds is only keeping the record warm, of course)… they have their flaws, but they (mostly) respect the game and those around it. Bonds acts like he knows he’s a legend, and to hell with everyone else.

No disputing he’s good (best ever? pehaps…) but the undeniable truth is that he’s a legend*