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NFL Week Three

24 Sep

Week three = Chargers in trouble, Cowboys & Vince prove they’re for real, Patriots roll again & McNabb makes a statement. Great weekend of football… shame about the Bolts though… talk about giving a game away. On Marty’s birthday too… AJ messed up real good, eh. Bolts can still make the playoffs of course, but they need to get it together pretty quick.  Biggest game of the season next week against KC.  Must win.

And Vince today…. damn he’s fun.


Ban This Sick Filth – Pitbull

23 Sep

I know it’s old.  Still cool though 🙂

Awesome Irish Animator

17 Sep

Don’t really know how to describe it, other than cool. Watch & Enjoy.

NFL Week Two: Predictions

16 Sep

Massive Sunday night game this week: Bolts v Patriots, in New England. You can bet the Patriots are going to come out firing to prove that the taping stuff (exciting espionage details here) wasn’t their secret sauce, Bolts are still pissed about the playoff victory last year. Bad blood there. I’m a little worried tbh: the patriots look very, very good. Then again the Jets aren’t the sternest of tests. Randy Moss? Randy Toss more like.

Pats/Bolts really is a huge game for so early in the season.

Big Game Prediction: winner of this game wins the superbowl.
Big Game Hope: Bolts win 20-10, LT gets some yards in, all the big players stay healthy.

Other Predictions: Colts get exposed, lose (or scrape win) against the Titans. Alex Smith (future all-star) continues to improve, SF roll over the Rams. Saints, desperate after their opening day humiliation, win handily against a beat up Bucs squad. Dolphins beat the horribly over-rated cowboys.

Football’s back. It’s good.

Golf is back, baby!

15 Sep

Woot: excellent golf day today!  I’ve got the bug again. Played 18 this morning at Riverwalk…  very high score as expected, but a round peppered with very pleasing shots.  Not able to string more than a couple together yet, but very satisfying.  Started to flag around the 11th hole, but got my second wind again pretty quickly and picked it up again!  Hit the sweetest drive I’ve ever hit off the 10th, too:  250 + yards, straight as an arrow, plopped it right int he middle of the fairway.  Beautiful.

Played another nine at mission bay this afternoon, and parred or bogied every hole (mostly bogies in truth).  Really satisfying to be so consistent.  I have a lovely golfy glow tonight, hehe!

Football Season

5 Sep

Starts thursday, so time for some (usually terrible) predictions.

Chargers & Patriots are the two teams to look out for, I reckon.

Colts won’t do much:  don’t expect Manning to be so dominant now that he’s lost his pro -bowl left tackle.  Let’s see how good you are without all that time to throw.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see them lose to the Saints tomorrow night.

Beauty Pageants Are Brilliant

1 Sep

Watch this and disagree with me. I dare you. Poor Miss Teen South Carolina, she’s tripping out pretty badly.

Particularly love her smile at the end. Priceless.