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Baby Toupee

28 Sep

Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes!

The Donald for the win, surely?


Baseball History

24 Sep

Went to the Padres game this afternoon, and saw Trevor Hoffman save his 479th game, thereby taking sole ownership of first place in the all time saves list. A pretty incredible achievement, and was excellent to be there first hand. Hard to imagine him not making a decent dent into 500 next season, too.

Closer is an interesting position: definitely attracts some of the game’s characters. For the Euros: the closer is the guy who comes out to pitch the last inning (he literally ‘closes’ out the game).  They really put themselves out there.

They’re also all a bit mental, I think.

padres celebtrate

Gabbly! Gabbly! Gabbly!

19 Sep

More golf escapes soon, but in the meantime here’s a really interesting web thing:

Cor, it’s a bit good.

Watch this, it’s absolutely brilliant.

8 Sep

Charlie Murphy’s true Hollywood stories…. brilliant story about meeting Prince in the 80s. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

If this doesn’t make you laugh, you’re dead inside. Oh my.

More Balboa!

6 Sep

Nine before work again this morning with Dylan. Shot 50 (par 32). Did pretty well apart from two horrible holes (nine and seven shots a piece).

Bloody hard work though, so it is. Anything but easy this golf lark…

Steve Irwin’s Dead ) :

3 Sep


Yes he was cheesy, and yes he used to irritate some Australians with his over the top Aussie persona, but he clearly loved his subject matter and was as passionate as can be about the natural world. Like him or not (I certainly had issues with some of his methods), anyone who cares about the world we live on should be mourning his passing.

At least he got taken out by a creature though…. fitting. Would have been even more rubbish if he’d been taken out by a rogue Hummer.

Played 27 This Week…

2 Sep

Balboa nine mid-week: didn’t play especially well (= played horrible), but made a big stride forward in that I used the driver on every long hole. Never done that before: I’ve always used it once, shanked it off like nobody’s business, then put it away. Had an old guy I don’t know giving me advice on every hole, which was kinda annoying.

Eighteen today at Carmel Mountain was my first ever 18 on a big course. First hole was 553 yards long, which was a bit of a shock to the system (the courses I usually play are 3000 or so total, nevermind the first hole). Was quite pleased with myself, especially over the first six. Sunk a couple of decent putts, hit a couple of decent drives, but got tired kinda quickly and was flagging pretty badly by 12. Perfectly happy with my first round on a big course, especially my driving. Had a young guy I don’t know giving me advice this time. I guess it’s my curse.