I’m Changing Nationalities: Dutch until the end of the Euros

9 Jun

After a few average (to dull) games, Euro 2008 really got going today with a brilliant performance from the Dutch, who humbled world champions Italy beating them 3-0. A very odd goal from RVN, who it turns out was not actually offside, and an absolute screamer by Sneijder. Wanted him to sign for united when he moved. Today’s goal didn’t do anything to change that opinion.

The buildup to almost every major tournament in my lifetime has generally included a bunch of tipsters predicting tournament glory by either Holland or Spain. The Spanish then crash out in the first round, and the Dutch flatter to deceive, look brilliant for a bit then all go batshit crazy at one another and implode.  Very entertaining in its own way, but somewhat disappointing given the talent they have.

This time round nobody’s been talking about the Dutch as contenders (though seems everyone likes Spain). Wondering if this could be their year? Maybe with the pressure off they’ll perform – certainly done themselves a big favor after this game.

So, for the rest of June I’ll be supporting the Dutch. I don’t own anything orange, but I love windmills and edam so it’s all good.


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