Steve Irwin’s Dead ) :

3 Sep


Yes he was cheesy, and yes he used to irritate some Australians with his over the top Aussie persona, but he clearly loved his subject matter and was as passionate as can be about the natural world. Like him or not (I certainly had issues with some of his methods), anyone who cares about the world we live on should be mourning his passing.

At least he got taken out by a creature though…. fitting. Would have been even more rubbish if he’d been taken out by a rogue Hummer.


2 Responses to “Steve Irwin’s Dead ) :”

  1. Kieran September 4, 2006 at 4:50 am #

    Watching an old interview with him at the moment with Andrew Denton – really good stuff. The public reaction in Australia is pretty amazing at the moment – the guy was pretty much sent up right left and centre, but now that he’s gone the whole country is very upset and sad. He’s going to be remembered more fondly in passing than in life, which is a bit of a pity…

  2. kaimac September 4, 2006 at 11:53 am #

    Yeah, I thought the same thing. I think despite the bad things about him (accent, hat, sometimes questionable methods), he clearly loved his subject matter very much. Sad that he should get the piss taken out of him right up until the point he dies, but that’s often the way.

    I love this quote: “When George Bush made an official visit to Canberra, Irwin arrived at the reception in his customary khaki shorts and shirt. “I got my absolute best khakis out and was having a yarn to Johnny Howard and George Bush and no one mentioned it [my clothes],”

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