NFL Week Two: Predictions

16 Sep

Massive Sunday night game this week: Bolts v Patriots, in New England. You can bet the Patriots are going to come out firing to prove that the taping stuff (exciting espionage details here) wasn’t their secret sauce, Bolts are still pissed about the playoff victory last year. Bad blood there. I’m a little worried tbh: the patriots look very, very good. Then again the Jets aren’t the sternest of tests. Randy Moss? Randy Toss more like.

Pats/Bolts really is a huge game for so early in the season.

Big Game Prediction: winner of this game wins the superbowl.
Big Game Hope: Bolts win 20-10, LT gets some yards in, all the big players stay healthy.

Other Predictions: Colts get exposed, lose (or scrape win) against the Titans. Alex Smith (future all-star) continues to improve, SF roll over the Rams. Saints, desperate after their opening day humiliation, win handily against a beat up Bucs squad. Dolphins beat the horribly over-rated cowboys.

Football’s back. It’s good.


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