Amy Winehouse, RIP

24 Jul

Amy Winehouse died this weekend. Not a huge surprise to lots of folks, given the awfully self destructive spiral she was on. Just a few years ago her mom made a heartfelt appeal to her daughter, asking her to reach out, and a little after her in-laws asked fans to stop buying her records or going to her gigs, because they were funding her drug addiction.

She was one of my favorite artists ever: the voice of a generation and an incredible talent the likes of which I’ve never known. I adored her. The beautiful simplicity of her voice makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and she touched me in a way that no other artist has. She just moves me.  I still can’t listen to ‘Back to Black’, ‘Love is a Losing Game’ or ‘Tears Dry on Their Own’ without welling up a little. And the poetic beauty of ‘Valerie’ or ‘Stronger than me’? Oh my….

Of course, she was an addict, and the easy option is to say that as an addict she had it coming and she deserved it. I would ask that you looked beyond that though. Was she a fuckup? Sure. Did she have opportunities that others didn’t? Of course she did. But was she was a weak, vulnerable and addicted individual? No question she was. But was she also an incredible, one of kind talent ? Absolutely, and I’m  truly, truly gutted that she’s gone.

Her weakness as an addict doesn’t make her death any easier to deal with. The people around her took advantage and exploited her for every last dollar, and now she’s dead. Well done, I hope those people are proud. They have blood on your hands, the fuckers. But at least they made some money, I guess.

So RIP Amy. Your extraordinary talent extinguished at just 27. I’m devastated, but I’m also thankful you were able to put out two of the best records that have ever seen the light of day. I’m glad that your hauntingly beautiful voice will always be a part of my life.

Thanks for those two incredible records. I’m just sad that there won’t be any more.


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