Let’s Talk About The Weather

2 Feb

Or actually, let’s not.

Freezing rain storm today in New York, but you’re not allowed complain about it. Loads more snow in Chicago, but you’re not allowed complain about that either. Why not? Because it’s winter, and cold/snow/ice is what happens in winter, year after year.

You Americans are always going on about how us Brits talk about the weather 24/7, but the reality is all you guys do it too. Just take a look at the local news here in NYC this last couple of weeks: wall to wall weather. Twitter? Weather. Foursquare? Snowpocalpyse. Nothing but stories about the cold…. the water cooler may as well be frozen solid for all the cold weather talk going on next to it.

This weather obsession isn’t limited to winter though. Here’s what the rest of the seasons look like in NYC:

  • Winter: complaining about the cold, snow, ice, sleet.
  • Spring: residual complaining about winter, anticipatory complaining about summer.
  • Summer: complaining about the heat, humidity and how the mets suck.
  • Fall: residual complaining about winter, unhappiness about leaves everywhere. Pre-emptive complaining about winter.
Winter is clearly the dominant season as far as complaints go, though summer comes in a close second. Spring and fall are more transitory, in that they help ramp up for the full on complaining of an upcoming winter/summer, or manage the trickle-down complaints from the prior season. Whichever way you look at it, that’s a lot of complaining about the weather.My takeaway, as a weather obsessed Brit, now living in NYC? We both like to talk about the weather equally, and neither of us is ever quite happy with it.

It’s the weather version of ‘the grass is always greener’. Except it never is, and nobody is ever happy with the weather. Ever.

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