Steely Dan – Crowdsourcing Their Set List

1 Aug

Steely Dan are playing a bunch of nights at the newly renovated Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  That in itself is pretty cool, but what’s especially interesting though is that for certain nights, including tonight, ticket holders for the show pick the set list.

Anyone who bought a ticket in advance of the show had the opportunity to vote on what songs the band plays. Top choices made it in to the set list.  Excellent, no?  They might be old fogeys, but they’re moving with the times, crowdsourcing what they play. Love it.

Also, Donald Fagan is responsible for one of the coolest album covers ever, and is, imho, one of the coolest people to ever walk this earth.

Anyhow, interesting trend that we’re going to see more of.  If I’m going to see a show, why shouldn’t I be able to participate in some way?  Would be cool to see Fagan on stage with his iPhone, asking for folks to @ him requests.  Or having people critique the show, or even just chatting (tweeting) with folks up in the nose bleeds.  Project the iPhone onto the screens and you’re away!  Ok, bit far fetched for two fellas in their 60s, but you get the idea 🙂

Now all that remains to be seen is whether I can rustle up a ticket or not. Waked past the line yesterday and it was like Jerry Garcia had risen from the dead and sent his disciples to the Upper West Side. Splendid 🙂


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