Quiet House….

13 Oct

Going on vacation tomorrow for the first time since we got Tubbs. He went to the kennel this morning… the house feels super weird without him about. First time we’ve been away from him for more than 12 hours or so… feels eerily quiet.

I skipped out of work early to check up on him, against the advice of some colleagues who felt that it would only upset him. In the end I’m glad we went (met up with Cat up there), ‘cos he was super pleased to see us, and at the end of the visit he went trotting back to his little kennel without a second thought. This morning he almost had to be dragged in there, so I feel like our visit allowed him to associate us with the kennel, which was clearly a good thing.

Off to Cozumel tomorrow, exciting, although it’s supposed to be pissing it down. Luckily I like storms.


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