Manchester United 0, Reading 0: Held At Home on Opener

12 Aug

Fair play to Reading: game plan was to come away with a point, and that’s exactly what they did. United ridiculous number of shots on goal, great defending… Rooney going off injured. All combined for a cracking result for them. Can’t argue with their tactics, as Coppell himself said after the game:

I‘d have loved to have gone 4-4-2 and seen what happened but we’d have got hammered.

Can’t really argue with that. Of course we should have won that game handily, but one game into the season is a little early to be sounding the death knell. I’m convinced we’re going to score an absolute shitload this year and I honestly feel this is our best chance to land the Champion’s League in years. Nani, Anderson, Rooney, Scholes, Giggs, Saha, Ronaldo = a bucketload of goals. Just the right combination of youth and experience.

Manchester United: 2008 Champion’s League Winners.


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