2010 (South Africa) World Cup In Trouble?

12 Jul

Interesting and worrying article in the Guardian today:

“Fifa executives have voiced “serious” doubts about whether South Africa will be able to host the next World Cup in 2010 and have discussed a radical contingency plan that would see the United States stage the tournament instead, it was reported in Germany yesterday.”

Though I’d be sad to see South Africa lose it, I have to say I have my doubts about their ability to put it together. US seems the most likely to be able to host at such short notice. Also I live here now, so that would suit me down to the ground.  Any chance of having the Euros over  here too? 😉


One Response to “2010 (South Africa) World Cup In Trouble?”

  1. Joe July 16, 2006 at 10:08 am #

    As a South African having emigrated to England a year ago I would say that not only is South Africa under ANC rule incapable of hosting the world cup but the crime rate is terrifying. There are something like 75 murders a day and white women are being singled out for rape. The South African rape rate is the highest in the world.
    I think that many unwary tourists will be murdered, raped or robbed.
    Australia or USA would make a much better venue.
    To get a better idea of what is happening in South Africa have a look at these web sites. http://www.crimexposouthafrica.co.za and http://www.africancrisis.org .
    South Africa is following Zimbabwe down the toilet stay clear for your own safety. ( I wish to stay anonymous because the secret police in South Africa make a note of anybody that tries to uncover the crime in South Africa and they are identified as enemies of the state.)

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