Now that the dust has settled…

2 Jul

Some observations on the competition so far:

  • Something needs to be done about the standard of officiating. Way too many cards, way too many bad decisions. Personally I think the modern game at this level, on this stage, is too much for one man to officiate without any sort of technical help. Replays for key moments, an eye in the sky (guy in the stands watching a video monitor)… something needs to be done, ‘cos it’s been a joke this tournament.
  • England failed to pull together as a team. Being honest, they never looked like they deserved to be there. One good half (against Sweden), in a sea of mediocrity. Not unlike Brazil (but without the flair), they never really clicked.
  • An African team still hasn’t won the tournament (sorry Pele), but they’re definitely improving. Ghana were excellent.
  • That said, Australia are my team of the tournament. They should be very proud, and if England had shown a fraction of the drive and commitment the Aussies did we’d be getting ready to play France now. Fair play lads.
  • Blatter is still an absolute buffoon, the Italians and Portuguese still love to roll around on the floor like they’ve been shot, and DB07 still aint all that.
  • The Spanish & Dutch are still able to self-destruct like nobody’s business. It’s absolutely incredible, and I really can’t explain it. Any Spaniards or Dutch folks care to enlighten me?
  • The World Cup is still the best thing going. England v Trinidad, Portugal v Angola… and yes, England’s capitulation. Only the WC can deliver drama like this. Brilliant.

3 Responses to “Now that the dust has settled…”

  1. rantingbrit July 3, 2006 at 7:26 am #

    I have to agree with you, the World Cup is the best thing since Mrs Warburton said “you might want to chop that up before you chuck it in the bag dear”…

    I look forward to it (and more specifically to watching England play) in the same way that I look forward to seeing that stunningly beautiful bird with the big tits, who unfortunatley just happens to work at the dentists… watching her delightful breasts rise as my teeth are drilled is a pretty good analogy for watching an England match.

    I mentioned in an earlier post that its time to bring a bit of high tech clout to the game in the form of an instant reply to aid the ref’s decision making process. We’ve been getting 3 or 4 angles on every tackle during this world cup and the shots have been clear enough, once again, to show that some terrible decisions were left to stand. For FIFA to say that its been tried and failed to perform is quite frankly disingenuous horse shit… It’s about time these bloated good for nothings at FIFA started earning their money, unlocked some of the billions they have in bank and improved the game in this specific way.

    Australia… yeah, I think they played better football than 90% of the teams out there and it would have been such a sweet touch if they had beaten Italy. They just look like a bunch of regular lads enjoying the game of football because they havent fallen for their own hype. You could see that the potential was there for an upset each time they stepped on the fied.

    Roll on 2010… I’ll be about ready for a root canal then… Cheers. RB

  2. Grand Master Thump July 3, 2006 at 11:49 am #

    Yep World Cup still the greatest show on earth, the only one that takes entire nations on such a rollercoaster ride of emotions of hope, joy and for all but one, ultimately despair and defeat.

    There are many arguments for the use of instant replay technology, automated offside monitoring (I know it is technically possible to make offsides a completed automated decsion requiring only the ref to blow the whistle), automated goal detection systems ect. These are all solved problems. Also I believe the penalising of players who break any of the rules, including ‘simulation’, by commitees reviewing the game afterwards and issuing bans and yellow cards would cut down heavily on ‘gamesmanship’. Would Maradona have dared to use his hand in ’86 if he knew that he would have been baned from the final, even if Argentina had won the game (as they did)?

    But there is one reason (or excuse) I think FIFA refuses to do this, and that is that the game of Football played at the professional level is the same, with the same rules, penalties and restrictions, whether it is played in the Bernabeu, San Siro or Old Trafford or in some field in Northern Tanzania, Chile or Laos. Two guys with flags and a guy with a whistle and watch are pretty much it.

    This would be a noble reason but it could just be that they dont want to have to take responsibility for it all. And also they would of course mess up the implementation royally if they did, over budget, shady bidding system, delays etc.

  3. kaimac July 4, 2006 at 1:16 am #

    >> I look forward to it (and more specifically to watching England play) in the same way that I look forward to seeing that stunningly beautiful bird with the big tits, who unfortunatley just happens to work at the dentists…


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