France through then. Oh, the irony

1 Jul

Everyone (myself included) optimistically said that England playing shit the first few games was a good omen (team playing bad but still winning and all that), and that France were on their way home after their terrible showing in the first group games.


I still don’t rate this France team though, honestly. Zidane is obviously pure class, but the rest leave me cold. Henry scored in a big game today (well done you), but in fairness David May would have put that one away. Plus he was offside.

Brazil just believed their own hype and waltzed into the game thinking they were going to walk all over them. A bigger letdown than England (for the neutral) given the expectations of them. Definite similarities with us though… where was Ronaldinho? Kaka? Robinho? Lots of big stars failing to perform.

The only real positive for me was Ronaldo, who defied his critics (me included) to become the highest scorer in World Cup history. The goal that broke the record was pure class, too… cheeky little shimmy to send the keeper the wrong way. I’ve always liked his approach: usually has a smile on his face, definitely has the right attitude. Only opposition player I’ve ever seen get a standing ovation at Old Trafford. Fair play.

Both Brazil & England clearly deserved to go out, for different reasons. A real shame, as I was very much looking forward to playing the samba boys in the semi.

Such is life.


2 Responses to “France through then. Oh, the irony”

  1. Igor July 3, 2006 at 2:30 pm #

    I’m afraid your’re forgetting the Ivory Coast’s team-great heart, good game….

  2. kaimac July 3, 2006 at 10:58 pm #

    Yep, Ivory Coast were good too. I blogged about them earlier in the tournament, in fact 🙂

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