Oh Dear.

15 Jun

England just demolished plucky little trinidad and tobago.  Nice of the lads to play like absolute cack for 85 minutes though, keeping the smallest nation in the World Cup in it.  Very thoughtful of them.


One Response to “Oh Dear.”

  1. Grand Master Thump June 15, 2006 at 2:14 pm #

    “Silky skills”, “chance taken with aplomb”, “sweetly struck”, “commanding performance”, just a few of the footballing cliches that will not be associated with anybody on the England team after that little showing.

    Beckham, rubbish, one cross that actually was any good, luckily connecting with a stary telephone pole and going in against all the odds.

    Lampard seems to have left everything he used to know about scroing back at Stamford Bridge, think he had 8 shots on goal and at least two of them were vritually open goas from 6 yards.

    Was Owen playing????

    Alll the Canucks cant understand why I am pissed off this afternoon, they just think 2-0, good work.

    Ready to get beaten by Sweden, who now really need to win. Though they seem to have the same clinical finishing skills as we do though.

    Grrrrrr, rubbish, at least the substitutions worked for the first time in the entirety of Svens career.

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