Argentina Hang On…

10 Jun

That could so easily have finished 2-2. Reasonable penalty (PK!!!!111!) shout in the 2nd half, and a couple of clear chances missed by Ivory Coast. To be honest I think they were a little overawed after Argentina went two up. Showed some real spirit in the second half though: that Drogba goal was absolutely stunning. SLAP.
Still, Argentina didn't look all that impressive, I don't think. Nobody has yet, to be honest. Brazil play on Tuesday and just like everyone else I'm expecting great things from them. Best Brazil side ever? Let's not get too excited, but they are bloody good….

I'm also hoping for big things from Spain this year. Loads of youngsters (for once), very stylish, not afraid to push forward. On paper they look fantastic. Might this be Torres' tournament? We'll see. Either way, the Spaniards are always cool… they just are. My earliest WC memories are of Espana '82, so I have a special soft spot for the Spanish. I'd really love for them to do well.


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